What Is A NFT/DNP?

NFT DAO is completely community and participants as a user on the platform-driven governance, using ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This gives great benefits to the marketplace that you control.

Upgrade Platform By Voting

By voting, you can increase the value of the platform and the marketplace. Every time you voting in support you upgrade the platform.


Super NFTs For Featured Artist

Now vote on who should be in the list of super NFTs, so trading those items gives double the votes.


Have 100% Control On The Platform

Now you have 100% control over fees, smart contract. All you have to do is a vote to propose the changes you want.


Yield Farming As A Top User

Through activities on NFT – marketplace now you can earn votes, just by putting the top users in control.


No Manipulation Of The Market

Pure participation from holders, having a sustainable ecosystem for a DNP, one NFT at a time, creates a perfect market with no manipulation.

Join Our Marketplace Governed By NFTs

NFT – Marketplace is community-driven, decentralized, and flexible. NFTs will be used on NFT – Marketplace DAO, Instead of voting with the highly volatile ERC20 tokens. Every user will own a voting NFT (Token) that contains their voting power on it. Each NFT is unique and each NFT is given to anyone when they buy/sell an NFT on our marketplace or via buying.

Buy Votes

Now you can buy votes, via crypto wallet and use them to make the marketplace strong.